Monday, May 17, 2010

Access, wonderful access

One thing continually strikes me about trails along the Wasatch Front: easy access. Where else can you literally open up the back gate to your yard and go for a hike? Such was the case when I lived at the top of 9th Street in Ogden several years ago. The beckoning foothills were immediately behind the house I was renting, and I took advantage of them often.

Even if you're not lucky enough to live right at the bottom of the mountain, trails like the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Malan's Peak, Waterfall Canyon, Indian Trail and others are a short drive from any Weber County city. Contrast that with Denver, where playing in the mountains will involve a long drive beforehand.

Easy access means that we have no excuse to not get out and enjoy nature. What are some of your favorite trails that are a short drive from your home?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Author Event! Reserve Your Tickets TODAY!

Friday, March 19th, 2010!

Weber Pathways is holding its seventh annual Author Event! Our guest speaker for the evening will be Sharman Apt Russell, a recognized and highly-accomplished author and teacher. Her talk is entitled “Finding Balance: Why small actions still matter in a world of big problems.” She has written about public-lands grazing, archeology, flowers, butterflies and hunger. A humanities professor at Western New Mexico University, she is active in the world of politics and social change.

This year we will again present “Trail Blazer” Awards to one individual and one organization for the outstanding contribution that each has made to the development of Weber County’s trail system.

Gib Wallace will be presented the individual award for his many years of trail blazing and building. As one of the original visionaries for our trail system along the Wasatch Mountains, Gib will be recognized for his leadership role as well as his years of pick and shovel work to help access and connect our beautiful canyons. Through his years of leadership in Scouting, he mentored hundreds of young people, sharing his love of the out-of-doors and helping them develop an appreciation of nature.

Also that evening, we will recognize R.A.M.P. and its founder and guiding light, Candadai Seshachari, affectionately known as “Sesh”. The Weber County Recreation, Arts, Museums and Parks tax has been the life blood of many projects and programs in our community, enriching our lives and driving economic improvement. Sesh, and his late wife Neila, were the visionaries who saw the potential for this program and worked hard to bring it to life.

This Evening with Sharman Apt Russell promises to be a very special one and we hope you will join us. Your presence will honor both Gib Wallace and R.A.M.P. and help Weber Pathways continue building trails in Weber County.

Tickets: $60, $80, $100

All but $28 of each ticket is tax-deductible!

Location: Timbermine Restaurant, Ogden

Time: 5:30-8:00pm on Friday, March 19th, 2010

Click here to purchase tickets or call (801)393-2304!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hikin' in the Rain

(this photo, titled "Foggy Riverside" was taken by
Fremont High School student, Jordan Roe,
winner of Weber Pathways' 2009 High School Photography Competition)

Earlier this week, I asked our buddies on Facebook the following questions: "What's everyone's advice for hiking in the rain? How do you keep warm and dry and happy?! (besides staying home...)"

Here were the answers...

Keep moving to keep warm!

good gear and keep moving!!!

Polypro or polyester long underwear, top and bottom, not too thick. I just wear nylon shorts over that, and a thin rain shell that I can pull off when I get too hot. Wool/polypro socks. Haven't shopped for these things in a while but I should think Canyon Sports or Smith & Edwards would have everything you need.


Walk fast and wear rain gear and be tough

the Happy part : just knowing you are probably the only one out hiking that day, and ponder that feeling - enjoying the solitude and magnitude of it all!

Hike to the library and get a good book.

Take someone warm and happy with you and stick close by him. :)


And/or carry some warm and happy in a bota bag! Cheers.

good jacket, good shoes and most importantly a good attitude! The rain is great to hike in, it's refreshing and a chance to truly feel nature and be part of it!

Put your Kindle in a zip-lock plastic bag and pretend you're in Seattle.

Soft merino wool top- they make them whisper thin or thick and warm and they are biodegradable and not made from nasty petroleum products. I like pieces made by Icebreaker, Ibex and Smartwool, in that order and they are good almost year round (they even make t-shirts). Top it with a good lightweight breathable water resistant shell with pit zips. ... See MoreSoftshell pants (or old school lanolin rich woolies) are good too if it's a bit chilly- they fend off water and if they do get soaked they tend to still keep you warm. I have a bombproof Pelican case for my point and shoot camera but that's not practical for an SLR.

Thanks everyone! Happy Hiking!

Monday, February 15, 2010

What is Ogden Nordic?

If there's ever trails that come alive in the winter, it would be the North Fork Trails in Ogden Valley. With over 12 miles of snowy pathways for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, these trails are groomed five (yes, five) days each week for the nordic enthusiasts' delight.

Ogden Nordic is a chapter of The Utah Nordic Alliance (TUNA) a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the sport of cross-country skiing and racing in Utah through information, education, coaching, facilitation, events, and social gatherings -- and boy do they ever!

Ogden Nordic always has something going on. Today, for example, is a 5k or 15k community ski race for skating and classic style ski racing. The race is the last of the O'Nordic races for 2010 and will take place on President's Day, February 15, 2010 at 10am at the beautiful Snowbasin Resort. All proceeds from the race will be donated to Hospitalito Atitlan, a hospital in Guatemala that was destroyed by a mud slide.

And coming up...Weber Pathways and Ogden Nordic are hosting 3 moonlight glides this coming winter in North Fork Park -- and there's two more left! Come and enjoy the scenic cross country trails under the light of the moon! Natural light reflecting off the snow means no lights are required. Bring your friends and Ski or Snowshoe out to a warming fire and then enjoy hot drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Cancellations possible due to weather. Check prior to departure. For all outings: participants leave the parking lot at 7pm. What to Bring: $5, Snowshoes/X-Country Skis, Mixers, Hors d’oeuvres, Head lamps optional What is Provided: Lots of Smiles and Red Noses, Fire, Hot Chocolate, Hot Cider, Coffee Friday Feb 26: Northgate Friday, March 26: Northgate For more information, please call Terry at (801)690-6400

Ogden Nordic is great for families and people of all ages. They even have an after-school program Monday through Friday at 4pm! In operation since 1997, this program is perfect for ages 8-18 and all levels -- beginners to competitors. Kids can even join a ski team; there are different teams and coaching available for each level of skier.

Don't forget! Whenever using these fantastic trails, please donate $5 each day you ski or $75 for a season pass. This donation goes towards the cost of fuel and equipment for grooming.

So come on out and give it a try! You won't be disappointed!

Check out for more details.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Parkways Map

This is a very, very, VERY rough sketch of some of the parkways and trails in Weber County, attempting to demonstrate where the new 2.5 miles of Weber River Parkway will go. It's crude, yes, but hopefully it helps!